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AMZ Deco wax seal stamp premium kit
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Santa's Coming Christmas Wax Seal Stamp

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Head Size:

Head Size

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Upgrade to Kit


Step into the enchantment of the season with our "Santa's Coming Christmas Wax Seal Stamp." This beautifully crafted seal captures the magical moment when Santa Claus stands near a festively adorned door, ready to deliver joy and gifts. Surrounding Santa, you'll find a door adorned with Christmas decorations, an embodiment of the holiday spirit. With this wax seal, you can infuse your holiday cards, gifts, and decorations with the warmth and excitement of Santa's arrival. Elevate your holiday traditions with this delightful wax seal, perfect for those who cherish the enchantment of Christmas.

Santa's Coming Christmas Wax Seal Stamp is a charming addition to our collection of holiday-themed wax seals. Alongside its picturesque design, this seal is designed for a range of applications. Whether you're a dedicated card maker, a gift wrapping enthusiast, or you simply want to add a dash of holiday cheer to your seasonal décor, this wax seal is the ideal choice. Craft your greetings and gifts with a touch of magic, making your holiday season even more memorable.

◎4 HEAD SIZES: 25mm (1"), 30mm (1.18"), 35mm (1.38") and 40mm (1.57") in diameter. 25mm and 30mm are more commonly used; 35mm and 40mm for high detail arts;

◎10 HANDLE STYLES: fancy, walnut, black, silver tone, gold tone, rose gold tone, bronze tone, copper tone, rose quartz, and white quartz (35mm and 40mm stamps are only available in gold, black, fancy, walnut, and quartz handles. If you choose other colors, we will replace it with the gold handle);

◎UPGRADE TO KIT: You can choose to upgrade your wax seal stamp to Premium Kit (+1 melting spoon & mixed color wax beads). Get everything you need for a perfect wax seal in one click and save up to 25%! Details of the kits can be found in pictures 9 and 10.

◎Didn't find the desired wax seal? We can also make custom wax seal stamps with your artwork.

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